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Because one day of thanksgiving isn't enough (2.5 of 7)

An extra bonus thankfulness!:

I'm thankful for transformation. I'm thankful for who I am today and the path I've taken to get here. I'm thankful for who I'll be tomorrow, and the rocky path from here to there. I'm thankful for Guatemala, for hardship, for grace, for chicken buses and SCUBA diving and nights spent tossing and turning and feeling lost and alone and waking up still alive and still stumbling my way from one place to the next. I'm thankful for things I never thought I'd do and for things I never thought outside the box far enough to even bother thinking I'd never do and for wonder and strangeness and bewilderment. I'm thankful for comfort, for cheeks bright red from the cold, for gingerbread, for knees (yes, your knees, and mine), for questions and answers and questions without answers, for longing, fulfillment, direction, wandering, and the deeply, deeply unknown. I'm thankful for the world and sky and, as if you couldn't tell, intoxication.

Good night.
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