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Because one day of thanksgiving isn't enough (3 of 7)

Today, I'm thankful for leisure and generosity. Although I'm somewhat short on leisure time at the moment, between readings for papers, and then writing papers, and classes, and trying to see people, ending my job has come at just the right time to allow me to set aside important time for myself to spend at my leisure, doing purely selfish things for my own mental health. That largely ends up being time in front of the TV watching creepy crime shows, and, ahhhh, it feels so luxurious! Between that and staying in bed as long as I wanted this morning, I'm feeling delightfully rich.

This leisure is facilitated by incredible generosity in my life, both large and small. One of the great things of being the recipient of generosity is that it inspires me to be more generous, too. The concept of "paying it forward" is the only possible way I can imagine doing justice to some of the enormous gifts I've received, and if I can even come close to doing so, I'll have put some great good into the world, thanks to the great good I've received.
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