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I have this fantasy -- and it's not completely impossible -- that I'll finish all my schoolwork by next Friday. That's the day of my last class, and even though most of my papers aren't due until the following week, it would be awesome to turn them in and be done, and if the paper I'm writing this weekend goes well, this should be doable, which is exciting to think about! And it's a good motivator for diligent work this weekend.

Whether I finish on Friday or not until the 12th (which is when my last paper is officially due), one of the things I want to do once I'm done is clean my room. In fact, I want to do a more complete overhaul, getting rid of stuff I'm not using or don't need, and finding a place for everything I own so I might have a chance of keeping it slightly more tidy in general. I also need to rearrange some things slightly to suit my actual use patterns more appropriately, and I have a little dream of putting a reading chair in the corner, even.

It's been a couple of years since I rearranged, so this is exciting to think about. But I need to make myself write my papers first. The mess that's suddenly driving me crazy will wait, right? Right?
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