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things for 2008

The approaching end of the calendar year is a fine opportunity to think about things I want to be proactive about having on my plate in the next year or so. It's hardly exhaustive, and goodness knows it's likely to change over time, but it's fun to think about things I want to keep near the top of my stack. What am I forgetting?

New things to do in the next year(ish):

* get my master's degree
* run a 10k
* travel somewhere new, alone
* travel somewhere new, with company
* visit p-town, already, silly
* pick up a new skill (after graduation. considering: some fancy cooking technique, glassblowing, woodworking, unicycle, sewing, bartending, something else?)
* give blood (I'll need company for this)
* karaoke (also needing company for this)
* outing to a vertical wind tunnel (with company!)

Things I already know I like doing that I want to be sure to do in the coming year:

* throw a few dinner parties
* and parties in general
* travel with known companions
* bman
* continued exploration of my crazy brain
* play hooky in favor of something unplanned and off-the-cuff
* more dancing
* pick up voice lessons again?
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