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Finally getting around to posting about my flight out to CA on Friday, but that's 'cause it was totally uneventful, which is what I like in flying these days. Dave and I got up early on Friday and he drove me to Riverside, where I caught the T to the airport. Timing worked out about perfectly all the way around, although I was starting to worry I'd be too late, but the handy dandy new self-check-in terminals are always open, so there's not a long wait to check in. Very nice.

I had a long layover in SLC, where I haven't been in years, possibly not since before the olympics came to town. The airport is surprisingly not different. I did take advantage of "laptop lane" to plug in for a while in the comfort of my own (temporary) office. Called home, ate some froyo. It was pricey per minute, but it made for a nice break.

trom, kcat and seth met me at the airport, my bag came through safe and sound, and we had sushi for dinner! Yum.

Yesterday, we went to Berkeley and visited a nifty little fiber shop, a soap supply store, and, of course, Good Vibrations. Sadlly, the soap supply store didn't have anything I wanted, but, on the other hand, it's probably just as well that I'm not gonna be trucking pounds of soapstuff all the way across the country with me :)

Mort & kcat helped me figure out sock knitting, or, at least, getting started on sock knitting, so I'm doing a toe-up sock based on the Twisted Sister's Sock Workbook

Today, I think the plan is to visit the farmer's market, the garden store, the garden, and to make jam and soap. I will wear sunscreen today. *nods*

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