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Fantastic snow

There was something special and strange about today's snow, and I don't know what it was. When I walked out the door around 1:30 to head into Davis, it was like stepping into a slightly weird version of the regular world+snow. I mean, I've seen my street during a snowstorm, and it didn't look like this. What was different?

My best guess was that the snow was heavy and sticky, so it was weighing the branches down more than usual but still sticking to them, so they made a lower and denser visual ceiling over the street than usual. But it was more than that, too, because even the trunks of trees looked slightly alien, and the plain old chain link and wire fences along the way were pulled out of a near-but-not-ours world.

It made me want to have a good camera and a good photographic eye. Sadly, I had neither, so this weak description will have to suffice.

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