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the entry where I'll lj-username-drop

Since I'm failing to report back to LJ on the events of my trip, as I feel inspired to do so, I'll take it in reverse chronological order, unless I feel like going out of order entirely, in which case, I'll do that :) And I'm sure some stuff won't even make it up here, but that's okay :)

I had a nice night last night going to luwenth's movie night with kcat and trom and seth. While there, I met princeofwands, karenbynight, haberlach and once again saw darthsunshine, who I met the last time I was out here. The movie was "Gone in 60 Seconds", which I enjoyed a lot although we had to leave early as seth timed out before the movie was over.

Unfortunately, the early part of the day was really exhausting, involving a lot of driving, and traffic, so I was in high introvert space, which is a tough place to be when meeting a bunch of people, especially people who already know each other. I'm glad I went, but I wish I'd been feeling a tad less shy. Ah well.

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