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Though last Wednesday was the official first day of the term, I had only one class last week, and it was a continuation of the seminar I took last semester, so it didn't really feel like it was new. Today, however, is my first day for the rest of my classes, and I fear it's going to kick my butt. I ended up with a weird schedule this term, wherein I have three classes on Mondays (today is a Monday schedule to make up for MLK, Jr Day), 2 1/2 hours each, so I'll be in class 9-11:30, 1:30-4, 6:30-9. The breaks between classes are probably just too small to go home between, though I may do it, anyway, at least during one of them, because I bet I'll feel the need to be moving around a bit between class sessions.

Will the freedom of having almost all of my classes clustered on one day turn out to be a benefit or a disadvantage? Only time will tell.
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