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Monday blues

I'm going to have to refigure my whole idea of Sundays so as to properly prepare for the ass-kicking Mondays this semester are handing me. I'm in the last bit of down time before my 6:30 class starts, and I just want to crawl into bed and sleep for 12 hours.

It doesn't help that our cat, who threw up a couple of times yesterday, also threw up in the middle of the night, all over my bedding, so it was both gross and worry-inducing, and, of course, I'm out of the house all day, so I can't really do the kitty care that I'd like to, even though the internet suggests keeping her off food and water for 12 hours, and, really, it's just as nice not to be around for her no doubt constant whining during that period. Poor kitty :/ Also, because this is my lj and it's all about me, it meant that I got a lot less sleep than I'd hoped.

Also not helping is the jaw pain I seem to have developed, relatively suddenly and mysteriously, which is making me feel not only cranky and in pain but also like my mouth is not my own. Consulting the internet again gives me a series of home care approaches to solve the problem, so I'll try those for a week or so and see where that gets me. Again, being out of the house all day puts a wrench in any plans I might have formed to get started on that, though.

In brighter news, both of my daytime classes today were very good and engaging. Ethics is down to four people rather than six, which makes for a very different sort of class than it would be if it were bigger, and while I think we would benefit from a larger group for discussions, I also feel like having such a small class is going to lead to some pretty personalized instruction, which is nifty. I've talked to a couple of you about this class and you've expressed interest; I asked the prof today how he'd feel about my bringing a friend from time to time, and he said that would be welcome, so let me know if you're interested and we can look over the syllabus together to see if there are particular sessions you might like to hit.
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