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A couple of years ago, miss_chance ordered me a shiitake growing kit from Fungi Perfecti, which was not my first discovery that one can grow mushrooms under the kitchen counter, but it was my first time doing so, myself. Since then, I've attended a couple of permaculture courses that have expanded my love for mushrooms, both as a delicious food and as a tool of bioremediation.

Plus, of course, it's a great gardening and diy project, so I'm growing more! I have a log inoculated with oyster mushroom spawn that's slowly developing in the corner of my bedroom, and I know bunches of you are interested in doing a mushroom log day, and I'm hoping to find a source for freshly cut logs to do that this spring sometime. (If anyone knows of such a source around Boston, let me know.)

In the meantime, FP sells the tools to go even more diy, where you develop your own substrate, which is even more awesome, so I have some oyster cakes that I started myself! These are awesome and satisfying. Possibly even more awesome and satisfying, though, is a happy accident that came about because I don't know what I'm doing, and I put the cakes on some paper towels and then put the towels on damp vermiculite, and then I thought the cakes were getting too wet, so I changed everything out and blah blah blah... but what do I do with these paper towels that have mushroom mycelium growing on them? I can't just throw them out! So I stuck them in a take-out soup container and forgot about them for a couple of weeks, until a couple of days ago, I glanced at the container and noticed that a mushroom had pushed the lid up and off and was growing out of the mass of paper towels!

Dude, I grew mushrooms from paper towels! This is completely completely great.
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