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The wise piece of insight I got today was this: Sometimes, there are things that frustrate you and that you can't do anything about and not being able to do anything about them bothers you. And that's okay.

I get it intellectually, but emotionally? I think this is a big project. To that end, here's a list of things that suck and that bum me out (not ranked, some big, some small) but that I can't do anything about:

  • globalization
  • plastic
  • climate change
  • species loss
  • homogenization of cultures
  • the patriarchy
  • racism-sexism-classism-etc
  • general jackassery
  • my friends being sad
  • the fact that days are limited to 24 hours
  • my economics class
  • the ongoing lack of teleportation
  • being overlooked or forgotten
  • people being mean
  • mangos in the US (so disappointing!)
  • traffic
  • subway delays
  • and so many more...

What about you?
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