ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion


Several of you have been curious about how I identified my troll (*wave* Hi, Rosie! I see you're still reading through dakotakym's friends page! Having fun?), so I want to write a little blurb about the tool I used, with thanks to spike, who pointed it out as a fun toy a few months ago: It's LJToys ( and it allows you to see who's reading your journal, how they get there, what their IP address is, etc.

I initially found it a little disconcerting quite how much information can be gathered about me from my web surfing habits, but now, I'm glad to have a sense of the sorts of information that pretty much anyone can have about me, with little or no work on their part. It is, in fact, a fun little toy, with, in my case, a nice side effect of confirming a suspicion I've had for a while. If it's the sort of thing you might enjoy, check it out.
Tags: technogeekin, troll

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