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things to do

I have some things I want to do this year*:

* make lotion
* grow food
* have an awesome bday party
* build a temple at bman
* walk in the woods blindfolded
* walk in the woods wearing another fold
* play with stuff (1)
* play with things (2)
* play (3)
* host a mushroom-growing/permie craft day
* go out on a limb

The above list gets added onto the list I made in December:

* get my master's degree
* run a 10k
* travel somewhere new, alone
* travel somewhere new, with company
* visit p-town, already, silly
* pick up a new skill (after graduation. considering: some fancy cooking technique, glassblowing, woodworking, unicycle, sewing, bartending, something else?)
* give blood (company)
* karaoke (company)
* outing to a vertical wind tunnel (company!)
* throw a few dinner parties
* and parties in general
* travel with known companions
* bman
* continued exploration of my crazy brain
* play hooky in favor of something unplanned and off-the-cuff
* more dancing
* pick up voice lessons again?

* Where "this year" is loosely defined
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