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10 scattered bits of trivia about me

Probably lots of you know some of these, though I think none of you knows all of them. If I'm wrong, let me know, and I'll give you a prize!

1. I transcribed every episode of Dragnet for closed captioning. (Also, many episodes of Scarecrow & Mrs. King, several gardening shows, assorted talk shows and The Price is Right.)

2. The first time I ate lobster, I had an allergic reaction to only one bite. Unwilling to let that stop me, years later, I tried lobster again, with no reaction, and I've enjoyed it many times since.

3. My family was featured on a Japanese TV show called "American Lifestyles" when I was a teenager. One of these days, I'll have a party with at least one friend who speaks Japanese well enough to translate what the hosts of the show are saying about us.

4. My most over-the-top culinary undertaking, so far, was a tapas party for 10, wherein fennel and I produced enough delicious food to serve 50. Tapas: how to make more dishes per meal than guests to eat them.

5. I put on shirts or sweaters backwards far more frequently than someone who dresses herself nearly every day should do.

6. Similarly, I am nearly incapable of putting the sheets on my bed in the right orientation the first time. Well, the second time, really: frequently, I put them on in the right orientation then convince myself that I'm wrong after attaching two corners, turn the sheet 90 degrees, try again, and realize I was right the first time.

7. I don't particularly care for broccoli, and I never have, but my parents didn't learn this until I came home from college for the first time and declined a serving of it. When asked how they could not know this, I explained that since George Bush (Sr) made such a big deal about not liking broccoli, I could hardly do the same.

8. I will take a sauna over a hottub 99% of the time.

9. Most of the time, I find chocolate merely okay. I almost never crave it, and I find lots of chocolatey desserts too chocolatey.

10. I like going to the dentist.
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