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After my unfortunate dooring last summer, my beloved 3 speed cruiser was, according to the nice folks at Ace, totaled. The awesome qwrrty brought me a nifty Raleigh hybrid that I rode around a bit in the later part of the summer, but in part, I was turned off biking after the whole thing, and in part, it didn't feel like my bike. I can't do anything about the former but get back on the bike, but I can do something about the latter, so I want to find a bike that's more my speed. Maybe you can help?

If anyone is offloading or knows of someone who's looking to sell or give away an old English style cruiser (so I'm reasonably upright while riding) with a step-through frame (so I can ride in skirts), 3 or 7 speeds, I'd love to talk to you or them! Fantasy features include a basket in front and/or a rack on the back, though obviously I can add those myself.
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