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For those who are following along...

The question I posted yesterday (here) was an entirely theoretical sort of thing. It came up for me because of a discussion on tattooing on irc, where someone expressed a fairly strong disapproval of them. That got me thinking about how many people in the world disapprove of tattoos, and how many people get them, which then made me wonder if this person who I know who disapproves of tattoos would have a lower opinion of me when I get mine done (if I ever get around to it), or a higher opinion of tattooing, or neither, or both, or...

And that, of course, led me to thinking about it as a more general concept. I find that I tend to think less of the people I know when they make what I consider to be a bad choice, and I'm not sure I'm happy with that habit. On the other hand, I can't see being satisfied with my opinions on things shifting every time a friend does something I think is doofy.

And then, of course, there are things that people do that are doofy but don't really strike me as Bad Decisions, for whatever reason.

So I think I'm feeling that I know I'm good friends with someone when s/he can do something that triggers that in me, but my overall impression of hir is still positive, liking, and overall one of respect.

I appreciate peoples' thoughts on this, though, and I'm mulling over comments to respond over the weekend, I hope :)

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