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experiments in lotion!

I'm playing around with making lotions. A couple of weeks ago, I made two: one with rosewater, jojoba oil and mango butter, and the other with coconut oil, jojoba and mango butter.

The first, I made in a blender, which I had not properly assembled, so my nice, rose scented lotion mostly ended up all over the counter and floor. Oops. I rescued enough to use after a shower, but I don't really feel like one use is a full test, so I'll have to try again with rosewater at some point. The scent also didn't last all that long, which is actually fine, but sometimes I want the nice smelling part of the lotion to last longer, so I'll have to figure that out.

The second, since I had made a mess of the blender, I made with a stick blender, and though I think the regular blender is a better option, this worked fine, and I'm really pleased with the result. Coconut oil has a coconutty scent, itself, so it's very, very lightly scented, but, as with the rosewater, it doesn't particularly last. It's a great texture, very light and silky, and I'm totally pleased with it.

I have this theory that I might be able to make lotions with scents by adding perfumes, or, probably even better, perfume oils at some point in the process. But I'm very satisfied with my product in this first round!

Unfortunately, it takes a while to go through 10 oz of lotion, so my experimenting is somewhat limited. If you might be willing to be a guinea pig for me, I'd love to hear from a handful of you who would exchange reviews of (unscented) lotions in exchange for small samples of several variations. (Local people get preference, and if lots and lots of you are interested, I'm just gonna pick a few of you, because I'm lazy. If this all works out, I'll happily sell or gift lotion to you once I know what I'm doing a bit better.)
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