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So, my awful Mondays continue to blow, but the prof of my morning class just canceled our last meeting, which HOLY FUCK means I have only two more meetings of that class. That also means that, after today, I have only three more meetings of the rest of my Monday classes (and four of my Wednesday class). But the point is: OMGIHAVESOMUCHTODO. I've been doing a much poorer job this term of working ahead on my assignments, in part because I'm less into some of my classes (and, in one case, because the class is an utter disaster) and in part because some of the assignments haven't been as front-loaded as the ones last year, and in part because I just haven't really had my head on straight...

It's okay; I feel like I don't have to kill myself to get everything done between now and then, but then is barreling down upon me a lot faster than it seemed before spring break, and I'll be really sad if I don't make some progress on writing papers in the next couple of weeks!

Things to do:
* Two op-eds and a final presentation for integrative seminar
* 1 debate briefing and 1 paper for environmental ethics
* 1 research paper for politics of sustainable cities
* who the fuckity fuck knows for economics? probably a couple of problem sets, a final project and maybe a final exam

Speaking of economics, there's big drama about that class, but I can't post about it in an unlocked post, so... another time.
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