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Well, now it seems like what I thought were allergies were, in fact, just a really really weird cold. Good.

Yesterday marked the 3 months 'til my trip mark. EEEEEE!!! More than half of my summer weekends are already booked, and 3 months seems like almost no time at all. I think this would be easier if I actually had things to do between now and then, but, really, it's just shots, plane tickets, and, at the end of summer, pack up all my stuff. Yeeeek! If there were more to do, i could check things off my list and feel like I was making progress. Maybe I should make a list of little tiny things and check them off, anyway :)

I bought a new wallet this week, and it's totally different from my old, trifold wallet -- it feels like a major life change! Each of my cards has its own pocket, now, and there's a whole change pocket, and two places for money and receipts. Wild!

I'm in for a nice, relaxing day today. Hooray! Maybe I'll nap, even.

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