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1. What's your fondest childhood memory?

I had a pretty blessed childhood, so I have a lot of good memories from it and I don't think I could pick out just one as my fondest memory. I especially remember the spring break trips my family took to southern Utah or California for camping, hiking, climbing -- those were always really fun, and it has helped me to feel like most of the Western US is "home" and I learned a lot about landscapes and nature and being on the Earth. I also have some great memories of big parties thrown by my parents or their friends -- lots of dancing and fun stuff to do, huge capture the flag games, good music.

2. Did you have an invisible/imagineary friend when younger? Tell me about them.

I always WANTED to have an imaginary friend, but I could never maintain it. So I would spend a lot of time creating this image of my imaginary friend, and then have, like, one conversation with her, and then I'd forget about her for so long that the next time, I'd totally have to reinvent her again. Needless to say, that didn't last long :)

3. Do you still have that imaginary freind now?

I'm sure it would be the same pattern now! I just don't seem to have a mind that holds onto that. I think pets serve the purpose of always-accepting "people" in my life that I always thought imaginary friends would serve. Of course, I don't have a pet right now, either, but that'll change eventually...

4. Tell me about your most vivid memory about a household pet if any.

I think the most vivid single memory is when I came back from 3 weeks in Jamaica with my parents and saw my cat, Sophie. All the cats in Jamaica were tiny tiny, and they had these cute little mewling voices, and somehow during the time I was there, my template image of "cat" shifted to look like them. So when I got back home, Sophie looked about 3 times bigger than he had been and his voice sounded like a monster cat voice -- I was SURE it couldn't possibly be Sophie, but instead a monster cat who LOOKED like Sophie. By the next day, my "cat" template had reset itself, but I was totally freaked out that first evening.

5. Thomas Jefferson or Benjamin Franklin. Whom would you like to meet, what would you ask them and why?

Thomas Jefferson. I'd like to ask him how he justifies keeping people as "slaves" and how he feels about having fathered children who he would "own".

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