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Staying up late drinking and carrying on is super fun, but the next morning really kicks my ass. Especially when I do it nights before I have to get up super early.

But, hey, at least this time it wasn't right before a job interview!

fraterrisus throws a damn fine party. I'd say he should go away more often, but I think that would give the wrong impression. Highlights of the evening include getting to catch up with sudvalkid, being complimented on "my girl" as regards someone I'm not dating, practicing looking innocent. And I finished my packing before midnight! I think I remembered everything important.

This morning, the cab driver taking me to the airport started the conversation asking me if I'm a psychiatrist. No? Social worker? Teacher? Nurse? No, to all of the above, I told him, but people do tend to end up telling me their life stories. True to form, halfway through the drive, he observed that he was doing exactly that, and then spent the rest of the drive trying to figure out what it is about me that inspired him to do so. I think it's just that I was too tired to engage in conversation, so he got to talk all he wanted. He said it's because I seem "nurturing".

California, here I come!
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