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Today is the beginning of my second full week at WalkBoston, and I'm glad to say I'm beginning to feel like I'm getting my feet under me here. Last week kicked my butt, and I found myself completely exhausted at the end of each work day. I remember that from starting other jobs -- the transition is wearing -- but telling myself that it wouldn't always be that way was only moderately helpful. Thursday, though, I got home and was not entirely wiped out when I got home, so there was a sense of light at the end of the tunnel. We'll see how it goes today!

The people here are great, and there's a lot for me to do, with a lot of variety in tasks, both of which are major pluses in my book. I've been reading a lot and checking out the websites of various organizations doing similar stuff to what we do, or, more often, stuff that's related. It turns out that walking advocacy straddles several different policy realms -- health, transportation, physical and community development -- so there are a lot of ways to take it.

Tonight is also my last class of the summer session. I've decided not to take a second summer session class, which means, now, that I'll finish my degree in December, with a class during the regular fall semester, which makes more sense on every level I can think of, and it also makes my summer something I can still be excited about. The last couple of weeks of balancing work and class has not made me the most personally or socially functional person I've ever been. It'll be nice to be just working once I get the paper done for this class.

All that said, the class has been profoundly useful, and if you ever have an opportunity to take a negotiation class, I can't recommend it strongly enough. In particular, residents of Somerville and Medford may or may not know about the "community audit" option to take classes at Tufts, whereby you pay $145 for just about any class taught at Tufts. So you could actually take a negotiation class with the same professor I just did, which I would obviously highly recommend.

Meanwhile, I have a new haircut, my bman project is coming along to my great satisfaction, and soon I'll have time to mount an archeological expedition into my room and discover whether or not it has a floor.
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