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One of my ideas for bman involves getting myself a wedding dress (no, I'm not getting married). But, of course, I'm taking it to the playa, and it's a lark, and in no way do I want to pay wedding dress prices. So: I'm keeping an eye out in goodwill and other spots, but you all can help! If you happen to see wedding dresses on cheap cheap sale somewhere around Boston, please let me know.

Alternatively, if you happen to have a wedding dress that you wouldn't mind going to Black Rock City (read: getting very very dusty and will never be the same), we should talk.

I have some ideas for how to modify slightly too-small dresses to my satisfaction, more so than too-big ones, but that would, you know, involve modifying the dress, so if it's yours, that's another thing, in addition to the dust, that would make it never be the same!

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