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Hi Rosa,

Thank you for expressing interest in our intensive Spanish program here at Proyecto Linguistico Quetzalteco. Below we have attached some additional information about our school that we hope you will find helpful.

We still have spaces left, but I recomend you to register soon to bee on the safe side, I also attached information on how to do that below.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!!

Hope to hear from you soon

Kind regards
Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja
Student Coordinator

Hello! I registered last week at, and I got a confirmation from David Unger... do I need to do anything else?

Thanks very much!

Hi again Rosa,

Yes, I got you app. from David, so you are do not have to do anything more.

Looking forward to see you in September!

Kind regards
Karen Elisabeth Ohm Heskja
Student Coordinator

Hi, I registered for 4 weeks of study at PLQE starting September 8, and
I'm wondering if I should have received an information packet or anything
like that? Do I need to send you all anything more?

Thanks very much!
Rosa Carson

Hello Rosa,

As we understand correctly, you filled in an application on our website.
You schould follow up by contacting one of our offices in the USA or
Europe (look on website for email address or phonenumber). Then you will
definitely receive more information!

Good luck!

Jet de Vries
Student Coordinator

Now, call me crazy, but the part where she said, "you are do not have to do anything more," I thought she meant I didn't have to do anything more!

*grits teeth* I'm glad I followed up now, not in August!

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