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Adventures in rain

I think it's fair to say that nothing is likely to make me look forward to a week and change in the desert like loading a container truck in a deluge of biblical proportions. But it's done, and that means a slightly saner 9 days before I'm heading west.

In other news, if you must trip spectacularly, might I recommend that you not do so directly into a four-inch-deep puddle in the cold rain? The only bright side is that I was not in front of a big crowd when I splashed down. Yesterday afternoon and evening, stairs were excruciating, and I was worried that I might have done some significant damage to my left knee, but today, it looks (and feels) like all will heal reasonably quickly, though with some impressive bruises and aches and pains.

Best adventure of the day, though? When moominmolly was whisking me away from the scene of my ignominious tumble, the following conversation ensued:

M: God, I could use a bowl of pho right now!
me: *incoherent moan of imagined delight*
M: And to go shopping first!
me: Oh, that would be perfect!
M: There's a Goodwill around the corner. Wanna?
me: Yes!

So we went to Goodwill, bought ourselves some dry clothes, drove through a couple of lakes (seriously, one pond on Storrow Drive was so deep that people were turning around, but we pushed through!) to pick up dilletante and N, and then had the best damn bowl of pho I could imagine.
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