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Well, I'm in Williamstown, and, much like my first sighting of it, it's green and grey. Very pretty actually, if a bit on the cool side. It's kinda wild to be here. I made it in time to catch the lecture today that I really wanted to see, by one of my favorite professors of religion from my time here, so that was nice, and I've been catching up with classmates -- both good friends and people who I only knew in passing -- since then. Dinner (outside, but under a tent - should be interesting) is soon...

Things are the same, and not the same, in a funny way. Five years doesn't seem like much, but people have done some interesting things since graduation. I'm glad I have Guatemala to talk about, so I don't feel too outclassed!

Anywho... folks who're in Williamstown, I totally failed to plan ahead, but if you want to get together, give a call. 617-835-9943. More later...

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