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hair: braiding place

Several people have asked where I got my hair twisted, and if I would recommend them? I definitely would recommend them! I don't have anything to compare my experience to, but it's clear to me that they did a great job on my hair, both in terms of it looking really good and in terms of it being very well done. I mean, ask me again in a few weeks, but for now, I'm super happy with it!

So, the place is:
TeTe's African Hair Braiding
114 Stoughton St
Dorchester, MA 02125
The phone number is 617-282-7800 or 401-952-6309.

I made an appointment for Saturday when I was going in, but it mostly seems to be a walk-in place, from what I gathered, so if you don't get there on the early side, you may have to wait a while either for another stylist to get called in or for one of the other clients to be done.
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