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BMan (part 1 of ?)

I hope I'll have the wherewithal to do several thorough write-ups of my time at Burning Man this year, which was intense, challenging, awesome, ecstatic, fun, goofy, sleepless, adventurous, and an order of magnitude better than my experience last year, but for now, a very, very short form:

moominmolly and I cooked a playa-ton of food in a tiny hotel room with a two-burner stovetop and a tiny countertop. The food came out fantastic and was great to have. Major win!

I was served caffeinated decaf the Thursday before we headed out from Las Vegas to Black Rock City, so that Friday was an increasing blur of dazed sleeplessness, as we slowly gathered the RV team over the course of the day. With spike's invaluable help, moominmolly and I packed food out of the hotel room and into the RV, did final shopping, collected dilletante, fennel, and mzrowan, hit the strip for a couple of hours of Vegas-style blinky1, and finally picked up dancingwolfgrrl around midnight. Then we hit the road.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to sleep that night, either, causing me to be less friendly or useful to my campmates than I might otherwise have been. I enjoyed several punchy hours in the dark of the early morning and rising twilight, though, and we got to BRC in the early afternoon. At the greeter station, we were told that our camp had the best name of all the camps on the playa (true, if I may say so) and sent off to meet our placer.

Then I kind of fell apart due to lack of sleep and the camp was constructed around me, hooray!

For the next several days, lots of stuff happened2

Saturday, they burned the man. Sunday, they burned the temple. Monday around 4am, the RV crew plus veek hit the road for Las Vegas, arriving tired and dust-covered about 5. A mad cleanup effort followed, leaving an explosion of dust on the blacktop of the hotel's parking lot, and the saga ended with me, veek and spike dropping the RV off this morning before beginning our various travels back to Boston.

I feel like a ridiculous burner cliche, but I can't really do much but wave my hands vaguely and say, "OMG, reentry is so WEIRD." More later.

1There should be a longer post about this in the future.
2There should be several longer posts about Monday's dust storm, staffing the hole, wandering about in groups, wandering about with various individuals, the temple, the firey things, the weather, getting fucked up, and hair and wardrobe.
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