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BMan (part 3 of ?): Overheard out my window one morning

I was sleeping in the bed over the cab of the RV, and I always sleep with the windows open, as the fresh air is delightful, and keeping them closed doesn't particularly impact the noise level in a noticeable way. Early one morning -- say, 7ish -- I overheard this (loosely transcribed) conversation from the camp next door (the Lazy-Ass Fuckers):

Lazy-Ass Fucker: Hey, man, this isn't your camp!
Mumbling Dude: [mumble]
LAF: No, that's not your tent, and this isn't your camp!
MD: [mumble]
LAF: Oh, man, you must've had a really good night. No, this isn't your camp.
MD: [mumble]
LAF: Is this your bag?
MD: Uh... no...
LAF: Did you think it was your bag last night and now it's your bag?
MD: [mumble]

At this point, I looked out the window and saw Mumbling Dude scratching his head and looking around vaguely, with a crowd of Lazy-Ass Fuckers clustered around him. He apparently asked where he was and was given to understand that he wasn't anywhere near his camp. Poor guy.

Later, the folks in that camp realized that the bag belonged to one of them, so at least that part of the story has a happy ending. I hope Mumbling Dude found his way home.
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