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BMan (part 4 of ?): Staffing the hole

Of course, the gimmick at Snack Food Glory Hole is ... well, it's obvious, right? It's a glory hole, so you kneel in front of it and open your mouth, and an anonymous person deposits a snack into your waiting orifice. It sounds naughty, but it's secretly totally wholesome.

I toyed with staffing the hole (heh heh) here and there the first couple of days of the week, and then I took more serious shifts on Thursday and Friday. It was great fun to try to put together interesting combinations -- I aimed for interesting first and tasty second, but when I heard positive reviews from the other side of the hole, I filed that away so I could repeat it later, and it was utterly delightful to hear exclamations of surprise and confusion and happiness. It was also delightful to have a few people come around the corner with expressions of disgust on their face be willing to go back for another round that I promised I'd try to make better. As far as I know, it was always successful.

I found that standing in front of a table with a whole bunch of totally unconnected items really broadened my ideas about flavor combinations. It was a surprisingly expanding experience.

(In fact, on the flight back, spike and I couldn't resist purchasing a "snack box" from the airline, despite our having bought real food in the airport. As soon as we opened it, spike opened the trail mix and started sorting the ingredients into separate piles, while I opened the crackers and cookies, and canned chicken salad, and then we set about making strange combinations for the other to try. I understand that the fellow in the seat next to me spent a long time looking at us like we were crazy during the snack box portion of the flight.)

In Black Rock City, people like to give things away, and they especially like to give things to people who are doing things they think are awesome. Lots of people thought Snack Food Glory Hole was awesome, so I got lots of things passed back through the hole to me, including:

* several beers (It turns out I don't like Budweiser, but I do like Bud Light. Confusing.)
* a shoulder-length plastic glove for veterinary use
* colorful bandanas
* a wiener from the wiener girls next door (evidence, kinda)
* most of a bottle of delightfully cold champagne, shaken and sprayed through the hole (this was totally, totally fun)
* a change purse containing condoms and lube
* a variety of buttons and stickers
* other random crap

The best of the above was clearly the champagne, because how often in your life do you actually get to be sprayed with champagne? Plus, it was hot, dusty and dry, what with it being the desert and all, so it was really refreshing!
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