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BMan (part 5 of ?): Quicky rundown

I have a lot more stories about Burning Man that I want to write up for myself, but it's hard to find the time and focus, and I'm trying hard to hold onto the good feelings of connection to an important part of myself that has a hard time fully thriving back here in wall country. Notes to myself for potential future posts, or just placeholders to jog my memory in the future:

* An anonymous wave hello across the way in the Celtic Forest.
* Flavor tripping (salsa verde: good; pickles: bad)
* Shotskis
* Things I missed (the shiny box)
* What people say about BMan (WSJ, Feministing)

Maybe I'll get around to these and maybe you'll just have to ask me in person if you're curious (and those of you who are sick of hearing me talk about bman can breathe a sigh of relief.)
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