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public speaking ftw

I friggin' love giving talks. I get a little bit nervous beforehand, just enough that it's kind of a rush to give the talk, and then when I'm done, I'm all buzzy-high about it, and I typically feel like I did a good job, covered the material I wanted to cover, have a few things I could have done better, but generally enjoyed it and conveyed some useful or interesting pieces of information. Plus, since I get to pick the topic and put together the presentation, I get to sound like I know everything one would ever need to know about such things and people think I'm awesome. It's great fun.

Tonight, I spoke in Belmont on pedestrianism, giving a modified version of a standard "pedestrian 101" presentation we give to community groups and professional organizations with an interest in that sort of thing (want me or someone else to come give this talk to your group or neighborhood organization? let me know!) plus a focus on snow clearing issues. It was my first time giving this talk since I started this job, and it went great (she says with utter lack of modesty). I think the best comment I got after the fact was that it was good that the evening started with me, because I raised the bar for all the rest of the speakers. Hey, really? That's pretty damn cool to hear.
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