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People who have seen me roll my eyes in aggravation at my old phone on this issue should get a kick out of this post:

My previous phone, a Motorola E815, had a feature such that it would beep every couple of minutes if I had missed a call, voicemail or text message. There were always contexts in which I found this annoying (like, when I'd heard the phone ring and simply didn't want to get up to answer it -- but it would then beep every so often until I told it to shut up. Pesky!) but, overall, it was awesome, because I'm often out of the room or in a noisy atmosphere where I don't hear a call or a text, and it's great to be reminded so I don't have to check my phone every couple of minutes myself on the off chance I've received a communication.

Well, I recently switched over to T-Mobile, and I have a new-to-me Motorola Razr, and it doesn't appear to have this feature. Does anyone know if I'm just overlooking it, or if there's an update I can load onto the phone to make it do this? It's one of the things I most miss about my old phone, amusingly.
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