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Because one day of thanksgiving isn't enough (1 of 7)

Hey, look! It's the Monday before Thanksgiving, and therefore the first day of my annual week of giving thanks.

This year, I have to open the week with being thankful for change. It's such a bittersweet blessing, because when things are great, the last thing I may want is change, and when things are bad, it's the thread that carries me through. I feel like one of the ongoing challenges of life is not only to endure the involuntary changes it imposes on us but to learn to balance on them and, perhaps, eventually, to ride them. This, even more than intentionally shaping the changes we want for ourselves, is a daily, or even moment by moment practice, as events and happenings direct the flow of the world around us.

Today, I may wade through change, and tomorrow I may try to swim against it, but I like to think that eventually, I'll learn the trick of getting up on a surfboard and riding down the face of it in an exhilarating rush of sun and water and foam and salt spray before coasting to safety at the end of it all.
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