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When I was little, my parents had a set of crystal wine glasses that came from one of their families. I always thought they were from my mom's side of the family, but just now, it occurs to me that I don't really know, and I just assumed that because the nice dishes seemed like my mom's domain. Anyway.

So there were these gorgeous cut crystal wine glasses, and a matching set of cordial glasses, which were just like miniature wine glasses. And, of course, I loved the little kid-sized "wine" glasses, just as I loved any kid-sized adult things in the world. And I'm not sure how it started, but my mom let us use them for juice, and when we were slightly older, for little sips of wine during dinner parties. I loved this, and I loved the glasses, but, of course, over time, they got broken, as fragile things do in any circumstance, but especially a circumstance involving kids.

I remember when the last one got broken, I was wildly upset about it, and I yelled at my mom about how she should never have let us have nice things, because now all the glasses were broken and we'd never have them again.

It took me a few years before I thought about it differently, and then I realized that my mom had given us a great gift in the use of those glasses. She taught us that we deserve nice things, even if they get broken, and that experiences are more important than things, and that it's worth going out of your way to use nice things that you have if it'll make people feel good.

Thanks, mom.
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