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Hello, future, here I come

I keep trying to formulate a coherent-enough stream to write about the changing of the calendrical guard and failing. For the first time in ... possibly ever, actually, I find myself drawn toward making some resolutions for the new year, primarily because there was a lot about the last one that didn't work for me.

On the other hand, I finished my master's degree in 2008 (though I won't get my diploma until 2009), threw some kick-ass parties, and generally continued becoming a new person, one who I largely like. My social world got smaller, but I am already working to re-expand it now that I'm done with classes. I got a job in my field and am learning a hell of a lot there in a lot of ways.

In the coming year, I want to make and facilitate goodness in the world, in forms both serious and frivolous. I want to make people (and myself!) happy and joyful. I want to inspire laughter and crazy schemes. I want to take a non-academic class for fun and/or take up voice lessons again. I want to try out a meditation practice and see if I like it, and take a meditation retreat if I do. I want to throw and attend parties, cook some great food, some of it very strange. I want to eat a greater proportion of local food and a smaller proportion of meat. I want to do the right thing for myself, and for my friends, and for the world. I want to make snow angels, sit in a hot tub, take a sauna, go swimming, create hand-crafted gifts, and surprise myself. I want to continue to figure out what I want in A Big Sense and move myself in that direction.
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