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The summer after my fourth grade year, I became friends with Robin, who I now count as my longest-lasting friend. We got together every day that summer and played dress up and danced to Tears for Fears and other great bands of the time. We both had little brothers who often needed caretaking, especially hers, Jason. He was too much younger than my brother for Dan to be much interested in hanging out with him much, but we managed.

Jason was a troubled kid; I suspect he had developmental damage from his mom drinking while pregnant with him. As he matured, he had trouble with the law, with his friends, fell into rough crowds... he's gone missing and been found time and again.

Most recently, he went missing about 2 weeks ago, and he was suspected dead early on because he needs seizure medication every day. My mom just called to tell me that his body was dredged from the river today.

Here's hoping that his next life is an easier one.

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