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25 Things

So, there's this meme going around facebook and here looking for 25 random factoids about the author. I figure y'all get enough random facts about me from me, so instead, I'm going to call out 25 people who are doing awesome things. I know an inordinate number or people doing amazing stuff, so by no means can I list all of you, so please don't take it personally if you appear not to have made the cut. Just 'cause I don't post it doesn't mean I don't notice it.

1&2. tcb and goat just made a long-time dream come true for themselves by up and moving to California. I'm sad that they're gone, but I can't wait to visit them.

3. chillguru decided he wanted to make a circus band happen ... and then >did it.

4. My friend Kristin wrote a really frickin' awesome book (which all of you with kids reading YA fiction might suggest to your kids, and those of you who enjoy YA fiction might also enjoy.)

5. youvebeenpixied experimented last year with living without a fridge. I don't know if she still is, but it certainly got me thinking.

6. redheadedmuse has organized a group of people buy raw milk from a nearby farm, something I'd been wanting but failing to do for years.

7. veek has been organizing a group of people to share a share of a local farm's meat share for a couple of years, which helps me feel a hell of a lot better about the majority of the meat I eat.

8. Last night, miss_chance identified the region where the coffee I was roasting was grown ... based on its aroma while roasting.

9. sweets00 is training to be a hypnotherapist and shift the direction of her professional life significantly in the process.

10&11. jojotbird and uberjay just climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro!

12. A whole huge host of y'all are raising pretty goddamn great kids.

13. Another (overlapping) slew of you are seeing Mosaic Commons to fruition.

14. bbbsg is advocating for herself amazingly in driving the process to a voluntary surgery in a process I can't begin to imagine.

15. contessagrrl is stepping out to greet her future by planning to move to the Bay Area later in the year.

16&17. A whole lot of you are working with amazing dedication on dissertations, but I'm particularly impressed at the current freakishly hard work on the part of desiringsubject and laurenhat.

18&19. kcatalyst and ifman are real life professors!

20. medyani moved all the way to Honduras, leaping a number of hurdles in the process, in pursuit of her next big thing.

21. moominmolly consistently makes me see the world anew through her photographs.

22. fanw is learning to be a doctor!

23. Thanks to their hungry minds and ongoing explorations, fennel and spike regularly pass me music that makes my mind and world feel bigger.

24. maebeth cofounded an outdoor church ministering to the homeless!

25. rule30 is helping the Gates Foundation do good things with Bill's money.
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