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not a clogs person, sadly

I have a mysterious gouge on my achilles tendon, which is preventing me from comfortably wearing my regular, comfy day-to-day shoes. Because it hurts to have anything rubbing the back of my heel, I opted today for the open-back clogs that I almost never wear, with the thought, "Hey, why do I never wear these? They're so cute!"

And walking to the T, I'm reminded why I never wear these or the two other pairs of clogs I own:

I want to be a clogs person. I love clogs. I think they're wildly cute and represent a style aesthetic I love. They're the epitome of sexy-geeky-practical footwear. When I see other people wearing clogs, I think to myself how great and stylish and attitudinally aligned they look! In every way, I should be a clogs person.

But clogs and my feet have a hate-hate relationship. In fact, clogs and my whole body. Where other people appear to stride confidently and with a jaunty spring when they're wearing clogs, I feel awkwardly clompy and always on the verge of tripping over something. They either rub the tops of my toes uncomfortably or pinch the middle of my foot, causing a cramp, or fall off my feet while I walk.

I think I have to face facts and acknowledge that I am not, and never will be, a clogs person, no matter how much I wish it weren't so.

Anyone with a 7.5-8 foot who might like a pair or two or three of clogs, they're free to a good home.

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