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I only got two shots yesterday, and that's all I need. The typhoid vaccination can be oral, so that's how I'm going to do it, although the shots went so smoothly yesterday I half wonder if I shouldn't have just gotten it over with as an injection. I got my tetanus booster, for which I was due, regardless of travel plans, and hepatitis A (the first of two). The nurse was really great; I warned her that I needed her to distract me, so she just asked me questions about my trip, which kept my mind off what she was doing. Thanks, too, to everyone who had advice yesterday :) My doctor was very friendly, and gave me a big printout from the CDC on travel in Guatemala and Central America. I think I need to get a bug screen to take with me, just in case I have accomodations at some places that don't have good protection from mosquitos. It would be nice to avoid malaria (although I have pills to prevent it) or dengue fever, or whatever else might be lurking down there!

This morning, I went in for a blood draw, with a fasting lipids test, so I worried a little about getting poked with no food in my stomach, but it worked fine. I distracted myself by counting powers of two, and I only got up to 16384 before she finished.

I think I've determined that at this point, what I'm afraid of isn't the shots themselves, but my reaction to them. I had the woozy, creeping blackout feeling, and the nerves beforehand. But as long as I'm looking the other way and thinking about something else, the whole experience is way, way easier than the buildup in my head. I'll have to try to reimagine myself as someone who has no trouble with needles :)

The resignation is in the works, too, so all the stressors from yesterday are more or less taken care of. I think I should start a list of things I need to do before the end of August!

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