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I got back last night from an unusually fabulous trip home to visit the fam. Weather was perfect, we did lots and lots of fun stuff (including a visit to Yellowstone and a really nice canoe trip in GTNP) and while I was there, I hardly worried at all about Guatemala. In fact, it was such a good trip that the usual week didn't seem quite long enough. Normally, after a week, I'm pretty well ready to be back in Boston, even if I enjoy my time in JH, but this time, I could have used another week, I think, although it would have been even better if I could have had some of my Boston people imported for that week :)

I even took the time to look at the Help Wanted listings in a "what if I DID decide I wanted to be here after Guatemala?" moment. As expected, unless I want to become a realtor, there's little for me there in terms of work, and, amazingly enough, it's approximately as expensive to live there as it is to live in Boston. Wow.

Any time I'm home, especially if the weather's wonderful and I do lots of fun stuff, I also feel a little bit of sadness that so few of my friends and loves will ever see the places I grew up. While I can see the areas where lots of my friends grew up, with relative ease, if they're along the eastern seaboard, most of my friends have to take a fairly expensive and lengthy trip to see my "homeland". This is hard both because I think it would help people to understand me in a deeper way (now THAT's what I call a mountain!) and also because NW Wyoming is such a spectacular and special place that I just want to share it with people I love.

In good news, it sounds like my parents and brother will join me in Guatemala in December, which should be really fun! And maybe Lisa, Dan's gf, will, too. It'll be a party! Anyone else want to come? :)

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