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Interview questions from jacflash

1. Why Boston, of all the places in the world in which to settle?

When I graduated from Williams, I knew I wanted to try living in a city. The cities that seemed appealing were Boston, Philly, DC and San Francisco. I was pretty sure that if I moved West again, I would stay there, and I didn't feel like I was quite done with the east coast, and also, I'm suspicious of climates that don't have seasons, so that ruled out SF. Philly didn't really sing to me, and I didn't know anyone who was moving there after graduation, so it was out. I had a friend who worked in the kind of activism that I thought I might be doing for a career who suggested that I not start that career in DC, because of the heavy politics there, and because, if that's what I did for a career, I would ultimately end up in DC, so why not start somewhere else?

So that left Boston, which was convenient because I was easy to get here from Billsville for job interviews and apartment-hunting. It was also good because three of my closest school friends were moving here, too, so I would know people. I also knew a handful of people from IRC, including Aileen, who ended up being my roommate for the first couple of years I lived here, and who is still among my closest friends.

That covers why I chose Boston. But why do I stay? First, because I have a really tight friend/love network here, and that's very important to me. Second, because it would take me at least two years to feel as "at home" in any new place as I do here, or at least close, and that feels like a huge emotional/mental investment that I'm just not ready for. Third, because I love Boston. I like that it's a big enough city to have lots of stuff happening, but it's small enough that I still run into people I know on the T or just walking around.

Ultimately, I don't know for sure that I will Settle in Boston, and place is feeling pretty up in the air for me right now, but I have no plans in the foreseeable future to leave here, and I have a lot of reasons to stay...

2. What's the best restaurant experience you've had in the last year? What was so special about it?

Wow, tough question! I think my favorite restaurant experience for the food was East Coast Grill, where I ate last August during Restaurant Week, or maybe that's a toss-up with Ambrosia, where I also at during Restaurant Week. Both had utterly yummy food, and felt delightfully indulgent. My favorite restaurant experience for the overall wonderfulness was at Sweet Chili's in Inman Square, with Kristin, Josh, and Scott. The four of us were a bit of a pack in college, and we're all starting to go our separate ways, and it's rare for us to get together just us these days, so that dinner was very reminiscent of our original friendships in a really warm-fuzzies kind of way. Or maybe that fancy brunch that penk and I went to at Anthrocon last year... just because big fancy brunches are pretty rare for me, so they're extra special. And SO yummy!

3. Have you always been crafty? What kinds of crafts did you enjoy most when you were a child?

Yes, I've always enjoyed crafts, but in fits and spurts, and never with the deliberation that I seem to have picked up in the last year or two :) When I was very small, my big craft was glitter. I would tear pages out of magazines and use glue and glitter to improve the images. Later, I got into beading, which I did for several years, even going so far as to sell some necklaces and bracelets at my mom's jewelry booths at summer art fairs. In college, my craft of choice was my photo album -- I took lots of pictures and really enjoyed the process of putting them together into albums. I basically haven't taken photos since I moved to Boston, and so, haven't really updated my albums, which is actually kinda weird.

4. You have a day off. All of your friends are busy. You can't do any chores or work. What do you do with the time?

It depends on how energetic I'm feeling. If it's a nice day and I'm feeling energetic, I'll probably take the T somewhere and wander around a neighborhood, either one I know and love, or a new one that I've been wanting to explore. If I'm feeling lazy, or the weather is bad, I'll probably stay home and put on music and play online or knit or spin or read.

5. What's your favorite alcoholic drink? Is there a special memory you associate with it?

Hmm. I'm not sure I have a single favorite alcoholic drink, but for the purposes of this question, I'll say gin and tonics (with lime! :) These are not only refreshing and delicious, but they were my crowd's drink of choice in college (at my instigation). None of us were big partiers, but I used to host get-togethers in my dorm room (especially my sophomore year, when I had a huge double to myself) and serve these, and we would play taboo or pictionary or "truth no dares". These were always fun because a) my friends are so wonderful and b) none of them ever drank, so it was hysterical to get them tipsy.

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