ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

I utterly love cheering on marathon runners. I think they're all a little crazy (or a lot crazy), and though I hope to dodge that particular vein of craziness, I like having the opportunity to support them in it. This year, my work has a charity team (and for the next two years as well), so we had a contingent out on the course looking out for our runners giving me a good reason to be out there shouting hundreds of strangers' names over the course of the afternoon, interspersed with general enthusiastic screaming and yelling.


* the runner who was a double amputee, running on incredibly awesome looking bouncy prosthetics.
* the runner who, after I cheered her on, called back, "I love your hair! That's so awesome!"
* the Canadian fan just down from us who lost her mind with excitement every time someone ran by with a Canadian flag on their outfit.
* the middle-aged mom flanked by her two young-adult sons, both of whom were yelling, "This is my mom!"
* wonder woman
* seeing our runners looking strong and happy

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