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I don't think of myself as someone whose moods are strongly influenced by the weather, but weekends like this past one represent a pretty big reality check on that. I am deliriously happy, and while I did a whole lot of wonderful things over the weekend, with a whole lot of wonderful people, the languorous pleasure suffusing my limbs is not merely due to picnics, gossip, and good company. Damn, but that sun feels good.

First thing Saturday, I put all of my bedding out on the clothesline for a good airing out, and left my featherbed out there until yesterday afternoon. I did laundry and dried it all on the line in the sun, so when I got into bed last night after reassembling it, I was surrounded by happy fresh summer sheet smell and a light, freshening breeze slipping through my windows.

Today is just as gorgeous, and I cannot for the life of me think of why I'm not playing hooky and eating seafood and sipping margaritas in the sun by the water this afternoon.
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