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This evening, I went to the always-fun NARAL Chocolate Madness fundraiser with dancingwolfgrrl, dbang, and contessagrrl. Normally, what would ensue would be a description of all the awesome desserts, but I'm feeling lazy. There was a lot of chocolate, and it was fun. Favorites: Athan's chocolate baklava (an old favorite), Zon's chocolate peanut butter torte with goat cheese caramel, olive oil and sea salt (OMG), and the chocolate ice cream with chocolate grue (?), toasted almonds and smoked salt (from where? I don't remember, but MMM!)

Beforehand, though, contessagrrl and I had a little picnic outside the Cyclorama, and it was delicious. I bought a bottle of prosecco for us to drink with our picnic, and we drank it right out of the bottle, right there on the bench on the sidewalk, even though it's totally against the law.

When I was little, my family joked that I was going to grow up to be a cop because I cared so much about rules and following them, so it actually feels like a great achievement to me that I take such relish in breaking rules now. Especially because I still care a lot about getting caught.

Words cannot express how much I hate getting caught breaking rules. I hate it and I don't want it. But I also don't want not to drink wine with a friend with our picnic because someone thinks it's going to disturb the peace or something. I don't want to follow rules that don't make sense to me, and I don't want others to, either (though I know that anarchy is also not the solution.)

(And I joked but also really wanted to acknowledge that part of what made that possible was some serious middle class white privilege, which meant that even IF a cop came and hassled us for having an open container, the likely worst case scenario is that he'd take away our bubbly wine.)

Still, I'm proud of myself every time I break a stupid rule, even if I am still nervous that someone in an authority role is going to come yell at me.
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