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I'm all kinds of bouncy and happy about my upcoming vacation, but I want to take a moment to savor the intensely peaceful pleasure of last night well-spent. I've been working my way through some big, unsettling stuff in my life, which has somehow led to less of those perfect stretches of time, and possibly more importantly, to less celebration of them. So it's an extra treat to have both had it and to recognize and want to savor it.

I've been wanting to take moominmolly and her camera to Inman Oasis for a while, and it worked out that last night was the night, so we made a plan to do that. And the day before, we decided to tack drinks at Ole on the front end of the evening. So we met at Ole and drank margaritas and tequila and ate chips and gossiped and relaxed and then we had the luxurious pleasure of sitting in a hottub for an hour, which, truly, never fails to make me happy, especially because I always do it in excellent company. And afterwards, we stepped out into the damp, cool spring mist and bought ourselves icy drinks and wandered our way through quiet, glowy Somerville streets to her house. And it was just every part of it perfect, and all together, even more perfect.

I love having the bones of a plan with someone and then building and adapting the specifics over the course of time spent together, so we're not wed to a hard and fast plan, but we have something to leverage off and adapt. It's good.

I think I'll try to spend my whole vacation doing that. And beyond!

PS - Stay tuned for more photos from last night. A preview is here.
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