ruthless compassion (aroraborealis) wrote,
ruthless compassion

kitties to foster!

Boston-area folks! A query:

As you may know, medyani is in Honduras for a couple-few years. When she left the country last fall, she arranged a home for her two cats, but, unfortunately, that home is going away at the end of June. Wah! So she is now on the lookout for a new foster home for her boys.

Antonio and Gus are great, friendly, sociable cats who I would happily bring home with me were it not for the fact that the UDL local cat really prefers to be an only Kitteh. Perhaps, however, you are not so constrained. If you might be able to take a couple of good kitties until 2010 (and possibly longer if you and kitties are happy), drop me a line! She would happily pay for vet, food, vitamin and other costs!

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