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It's hard to go wrong with a weekend involving 3 fantastic friends, 26 bottles of wine, a bottle of vodka, a bottle of tequila, a bottle of rye whiskey, and various other entertainments in a house with a hottub, a wood-fired sauna, a beautiful spiral staircase, and a lake.

Well, we didn't actually get to the lake, because we were terrified of the hordes of vicious mosquitos. Seriously, those things were congregating at the doorway plotting to carry one of us away if we stood still for more than five seconds in a stretch.

The house we were in was gorgeous, with big windows full of green, leafy light and skylights and quirky art. The woods of the back yard featured several windows and a door nailed to trees, like a house of airy forest.

I don't remember the last vacation I took that I did so much nothing, and though more would have been overkill, this was just perfect. I got enough sleep, and good sleep at that, and gave my brain a big, long rest, which has, unsurprisingly, set it spinning off in different directions. Good ones, I think. I hope.

The best things this weekend, unsurprisingly, were my companions, the sense of unhurried plenty, gales of uproarious laughter, and the huge smile that may have left my face when I was asleep, but may not.
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