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I've been having trouble sleeping in lately, even when I stay up late, because as soon as I wake up around 7am, my mind starts going and going and going. Ugh. Today, though, I feel like I could go back to bed now and sleep all day! Unfortunately, pretty much my whole day is full of (fortunately fun) plans. Ahh well.

I had a nice day yesterday -- started with lunch with ghislaine and the twins at a really nice restaurant in Waltham. That made lunch a little less perfect, since the boys were really interested in all the fancy decorations. The food was really tasty, though, and it was nice to see Steph between all our various trips.

She dropped me off at hawkegirl's house, where I met the owl she's taking care of. Cricket is a cute cute cute little thing -- an Eastern Screech Owl, apparently on big side for the species. Still, darling, and I'm used to Great Horned Owls and other larger varieties from out west, so it was really fun to have little Cricket sit on my finger and look at me with those big, intent eyes! Jack took pictures, so maybe I'll post one or two here. She's making really good progress on the bathroom mosaic, and it was great to catch up, since we hadn't substantively seen each other since before I went to Wyoming.

The kids normally have rest time when I'm over to mosaic, but yesterday, they didn't, and although it's always something of a challenge to split my attention between reconnecting and chatting with Jack, and giving the kids attention and playing with them, I'm glad I got to spend some time with them, too, since it's been even longer for that. Little Aubrey is truckin' around walking like a pro! She's so cute.

Jack and I also saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which, true to reviews, wasn't particularly fabulous, but I really enjoyed it anyway, since I knew not to have my hopes high, and it was a fun flick. On the way there, I got to help Jack open some packages that had arrived from goodvibes. Great fun :> Also, a touch of toy envy... Ah well :)

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