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I may not have magic breasts...

...but my singing soothed the savage crying baby today! There's something very satisfying about that, although I have to agree with Dwight that there's nothing like a crying baby to make you sweat. I got to spend a bit of a while talking with the new crush on Thursday night, which was just peachy. I feel like I'm having a really great week in that sense -- tub date wed, Dave date thursday with chatting with The Crush, hanging out with Steph today. I feel like I ought to be worried about how busy my life is getting, but I'm really happy with everything but my job. I need to get on with winning the lottery so I can quit work and focus on the fun stuff in my life more. Barring that, I should find a job that turns me on. In general, I feel like my life has been on a steady improvement since around 16, and it thrills me to think where I must be headed as I stay on the same general track. What fun!

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